Do you need a commercial painting quote? If you are shopping around for a contractor, you are probably looking for the best price. While you don’t want to compromise on workmanship and quality results, there are some ways to get a better cost quote. Read on to learn some handy tips on how to get a lower commercial painting price.

Empty your house

Moving furniture out of your rooms takes time and effort. The added work can add to your bill, upping your painting estimate. So, when you are getting multiple quotes from contractors, ask if they will offer a cheaper cost quote if you will handle the moving duties yourself.

Handle some of the prep work

Ask any professional painter—one of the biggest time wasters is prepping the rooms before painting. Many contractors will agree to a lower commercial painting price if you lend a helping hand. Begin by taking down window coverings, removing light plates, and emptying the closets and shelves. A little less work for them means greater savings for you.

Be flexible

Don’t need a painting job done during peak season? If time is on your side and you have no deadlines to meet, it can help create some bargain room. Having your painting done during the slow season rather than the spring or the summer can help you get a lower commercial painting price.

Let the painter choose the brands

If you are not locked into your paint choice, let your contractors pick their brands. Many professional painters get discounts from manufacturers—savings that can be passed along to you. You will not only get quality paint products but also enjoy a cheaper price cost quote.

Paint more

Sometimes more is less. Just like buying in bulk, when you purchase a larger quantity of something, you can get a break on the price. Whether it is for one room or an entire home, prepping, covering areas, and cleanup takes time and money. So, it makes sense to have as many rooms painted as possible to save on additional setup fees.

Ask (politely)

Professional painters are there for you. They want to do all that they can to secure the job at a price that is agreeable to both parties. There is nothing wrong with asking for a lower commercial painting quote—providing it is done in a polite and courteous manner, of course. A painting contractor will be more than happy to offer a break on the cost quote if it is possible.
We all want to save money wherever we can. Following the above advice will go a long way to helping you get the best price on your commercial painting quote.
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