Take it from commercial painting pros—your brand’s colours can speak volumes about your business. The psychology behind the shade you choose can help trigger the right emotions, creating trust, familiarity, and loyalty with customers. So, whether you are running a chain of companies or launching your very first startup, understanding colour meanings can help you convert visitors into sales. Here are some commercial painting ideas on colours for your offices, warehouse, or other commercial building or space.

Let’s take a closer look.

Blue: Many of the top companies choose blue. This popular colour is believed to have a calming effect, conjuring up images of the sky and ocean. Blue also can help your business appear confident, professional, and trustworthy.

Yellow: If you want to stand out from the crowd, yellow is the way to go. Bright and attention-grabbing, yellow is the ideal colour to create feelings of joy, happiness, and curiosity. Looking to brighten up your brand? Our commercial painting crew can add just the right amount of sunshine to your business.

Red:  Red is a bold choice, speeding up the heart rate and the breath. Red equals love, passion, and sportiness, but it can also demonstrate urgency or importance. If you are aiming to get people to move and take action, red is the best option.

Green: Green is the perfect colour to give off a relaxing vibe. Earthy and environmental, green has a calming effect that is associated with health and feelings of peace and tranquillity. Businesses that want to say “soothing” pick green.

Orange: Orange is a great option for brands that want to convey a message of friendliness and adventure. A harmonious blend of red and yellow, orange radiates brightness and warmth, as well as stimulates the appetite. If you are fixing to introduce this exciting colour to your brand, do it right with a commercial painting job.

Purple: Purple is the colour of nobility. This shade is exactly what you need to exude confidence, sophistication, and elegance. Purple is also linked with spirituality—a trait that can bring a mystical quality to your brand.

Brown: Like green, brown offers up an earthy tone. Businesses that use this colour are viewed as strong and trustworthy. Ask any commercial painting contractor—brown’s classic no-nonsense appeal tells customers your business is a stable one, not willing to take unnecessary risks.

Black: Are you all about sophistication? Then your brand shade just might be black. Intelligent and serious, this colour is like an expertly tailored suit.

Pink: If pink is your colour, chances are your business is fashionable, functional, and fun. This colour has a feminine quality to it, evoking compassion, gentleness, and sophistication.

Don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to persuade and influence your target market. If you are thinking about changing your branding, colour counts – it is one of the most important commercial painting ideas you will have to ponder.  Are you looking for some help to lend colour to your business?  Jerry’s Commercial Painting is your first choice for vibrant, professional paint jobs that will leave a lasting impression.