Sprucing up your commercial building with a fresh coat of paint sounds simple enough, right? Grab a brush, slap some colour on the walls, and you’re done! In a perfect world, painting would be as easy as it looks on all those DIY shows. If you are planning on taking on commercial painting yourself, our commercial painters want you to read this first. 

It can be expensive

There is a lot more to commercial painting than just the paint. It takes supplies—and a lot of them! The cost of products and equipment can add up fast, eating into your bottom line before you know it. 

With Jerry’s commercial painters, we have all the high-quality gear and items, from rollers and sprayers to tarps and scaffolds. When you go with the pros, you will not only get great results, but also save a bundle on painting items. 

It is time consuming

You have a business to run. Do you really have the time to schedule in a commercial paint job? If you are not prepared to clean walls, fill holes, sand, prime, and paint, you could be wasting precious hours. 

Don’t have time to dedicate to doing a quality painting project? Our commercial painters do. Here at Jerry’s, we understand how important time is to you. That is why our professional painters will work effectively and promptly to get the job done on schedule. 

It is dangerous

Commercial painting comes with its fair share of hazards—especially if you are inexperienced. Tumbling off ladders can cause serious injuries, landing you a trip to the emergency ward. 

Why take the risk of injuring yourself or others around you when you don’t have to? Our professional painters take safety very seriously. We have years of experience and proper licensing to ensure everyone is safe and fully protected.  

It takes experience

When it comes to professional results, experience counts. You have invested a lot of time, resources, and capital into your commercial business; your new painting project should reflect that. If you don’t have the knowhow to do the best painting job possible, leave it to the pros. 

At Jerry’s, we take great pride in our experience and knowhow. Our commercial painters have the training and years of experience to deliver unparalleled results. We also have the 411 on all the top painting products and can recommend the best ones for your commercial space.

DIY projects should be fun—not frustrating. When you expect quality results, reach out to Jerry’s Commercial Painting. 

Jerry’s Commercial Painting